• Hverdag

    Red flags

    I may not dated many, in this single period of mine, but I have observed enough to understand red flags so I don’t get myself involved too much too soon. And talked some with others about this too.

    So here comes list enjoy from my point of view, bring some popcorn too 😆

    • They hide their friendliest on Facebook! (why? what more do you hide?)
    • All their exes is crazy
    • They have nothing good to say about their ex
    • They are controlling, want to know your plans but dont share anything about their life
    • They never bother to ask if you need any help
    • They hide that they are in relationship! (who wants to have relationship with anyone who hide their relationship)
    • They stalk you while hiding their relationship status, but they are in relationship
    • They want you to be quite and tip top around them
    • They talk with others but won’t let you talk to any
    • They dont want show their true feelings
    • They are not patient with you but want you to use all your time on understanding them
    • They yell at you when you just have met
    • They talk all about themselves but dont ask anything about you
    • They know answer to everything and knows everything in life
    • They fly around you like hummingbird, wants you to be all over them, while they just playing hard to get (so fucking turn off)
    • They dont answer you at all, but still wants you to keep their feelings in consideration
    • They post mental health and kindness post on social media, but act like ass on private
    • They lie a lot when you talk to them
    • They try to confuse your reality
    • They get angry when you confronted them with the lie they have served you
    • They ghost you right after they say let me know if you have come home safe
    • They are married and wants to have someone on side, so they make time when they want
    • They are full of empty promises
    • They do love bombing
    • They just make contact late at evening or late at nights (fuck off)
    • They send you dick pic
    • They ask for donation
    • They want you to send them healing for free, they never offer anything for all job you do
    • They want you for themselves but never make any move
    • They never ask you about anything in life not even how your day has been
    • They make up whole new identity that belongs to their fake profile and act on it
    • They say I love you too soon, my fear is to lose you too soon, but act like they dont even care to make any contant
    • They dont want to share personal information
    • They dont want to share their phone number
    • They ask for money to see them
    • They sitting all day on social media but doesn’t respond to your messages

    I may add more after some time, but this is a good list, please let me know if you have more I can add

  • Dikt

    No no
    I don’t live in shame brother
    My world is not build by shame and labelling

    my world
    we understand each other
    in my world light wins always

    in my world kindness is much better than proven you are right

    to be happy with yourself
    you need to accept yourself for what you are
    and when you understand how complex it can be
    you will also understand how much more complex it is to try to understand and accept others for everything they are

    More you accept yourself
    more you accept others

    More inner work you do more aware you will be in your human process

    No brother here we don’t do shame
    here we do understanding ~

  • Hverdag

    Ikke bland meg inn

    Vær så snill ikke bland meg inn i maske vaksinen valget ditt.
    Jeg ønsker ikke lenger å bli blant inn i dette noe mer.

    Så vær så snill og respekter mitt valg slik som jeg respekterer at du gjør som du velger. Jeg velger som jeg velger!

    Om du kjenner at du blir trigget av å se meg uten maske, vær nå grei og husk det er ditt valg å bli trigget, ditt valg å gå med maske ditt valg alt sammen. Det betyr ikke jeg også skal velge det samme!

    Jeg ønsker ikke lenger høre fra noen hvorfor jeg velger det jeg velger. Vi lever i fritt verden. Jeg er fri menneske til å kunne velge selv slik som jeg ønsker!

    Her i Norge er vi så heldig og privilegert at vi har fritt valg til det meste.
    Så jeg velger det som er best for meg og mine.

    Om du fortsatt skal stå på ditt og mene jeg er egoistisk for valget mitt.

    Vær nå grei og tål når jeg sier ikke bland meg inn i din psykose!
    For det kommer til å bli mitt nye svar fra nå av.

    Men aller helt ønsker jeg vi skal ikke gå så langt. At vi kan fortsette å være gode mot hverandre. Jeg kjenner jeg er lei av denne splittelsen og det er siste vi trenger at vi skal gå mot hverandre!

    Takk for samarbeid. Og respekt vi kan dele sammen. 😊🙏❤️‍🩹♥️🍀🧚‍♀️

  • Hverdag

    Arrange garbage at home

    How do you arrange the garbage at home? Are you conscious or do you just put everything in same box?
    we have 5 box and bag for bottles we can get money back when we recycle it.

    It’s for food, paper, plastic, glass and metal, and rest waste or what it’s called in English.

    I got this trash boxes from my kind second husband for 6 years ago. He had it for long time but never used it. So I feel I’m good at environment with this. Even tho they are in plastic.

    Now in Christmas time please be conscious about your trash more then ever. We don’t need to trash our beautiful planet more than necessary.

    Have a lovely blessed day 🎅🏽🎄🍀

  • Hverdag

    Best thing

    Best thing with not having siblings around you, you don’t need to fight for mommy attention. We just made our wall with thing to do together.

    and all of was actually Adi idea. She came up with it in seconds. She loves it to plan and have so many good ideas every time. I love our week plan together. Not much left then be together. But I love it every second of it before she becomes teenager and want to be more with her friends.
    she wrote onsdag torsdag and søndag by her own 🥰

  • Hverdag

    It’s actually embarrassing

    It’s actually embarrassing that I have ex I left for 10 years ago still is on war zone. I don’t know if this is the country I live in who are not educated enough to even ask themselves why someone still use his kids like weapons and try to convince the world someone he has kids with is monster? Or what is it. I really don’t know.

    let me put It this way. When someone leave you she is happier and have got places without you and her life is much better without you. You really need to accept you where the problem! 🚩

    please stop telling people we have been married I know it’s big deal for you. But it’s really embarrassing for me.

    not amount of your hate will bring me back to your level of vibration. All will in the end come back to you.

    so please with love and light fuck off please. I have new places to reach

  • Hverdag

    from me to me

    my beautiful young feminine
    come in my strong healed arms
    I will love you
    I will heal you
    I will protect
    I will be here for you now
    you are safe now
    you are free
    you are me
    I’m you
    You here now
    you are deeply protected
    you are so much loved
    You got this
    just stay here
    and feel the

    let it heal you

    Just be here healed

    Here with me

    I Love You my young beautiful feminine


  • Hverdag

    how could you

    how could you be so cruel
    telling me always I’m no good
    not even once did I hear
    you tell me anything good about me

    how could you be so nasty
    hit me with your hands
    hit me with your ugly words
    hit me with flowers you bought me

    piss on your little girl bed
    piss every where you could
    every weekend
    your body so full of alcohol

    you gave me nothing but
    sleepless nights
    and tears in morning
    you didn’t even look at me
    you never ever asked me
    how I did

    how could you
    never let me go anywhere alone
    without calling me every five minutes
    to check what I did

    how could you
    fuck around with others
    but never be there to support
    you own kids

    how could you
    make me so scared
    by telling me over and over again
    you own children you wanted to kill

    how could you sit there
    tell me so many ugly words
    and only say every time
    I was imagining it wasn’t you

    how could you do me so wrong
    and every time
    make me believe its
    was because of me
    you did me so dirty

    how could you torture me
    in so many years
    and now when I’m finally free
    you make them believe
    horror story about me

    you’re not a man
    Im strong believer of
    God will never ever show you any mercy

    I’m burning every single bridge
    I don’t want mini versions of you
    in my future story ~

  • Hverdag

    Best friends with Instagram and Facebook

    If you want to become best friends with Instagram and Facebook use all your money on boosting all your post.

    And never ever post anything about anything that have to be be freedom of speech or anything they don’t like or have been payed for to keep away from their site.

    this is what I have learned this years on social media.

  • Hverdag

    Not nice Fb not nice at all

    Stop traffic to my main page on Fb when I share my BLOGG there
    put that much pressure on me to delete my posts
    to not share my blog on my main page on Fb
    Not nice
    Not nice at all

    if hate is what you want us to do then I will post so much about how much LOVE we can share by accepting each other’s differences

    just remember our ancestors watching us
    so does God ~

    but it’s okay I going to make new page. And share my BLOGG post there HA !

  • Hverdag

    We need to stand together

    Main reason It’s more embarrassing to be human this life is
    because so much nasty that has been going on under the surface
    coming up in front of our faces

    It’s up to us all to stand together and stand up as human race and not let hate take over our spirit!

    I know i have challenges with remind myself to stand with Love . But please my brothers and sisters let not hate win. Don’t let this madness split us apart. We need to stand together and remember what is more important.

    Hate is really not the answer. And sensor freedom of speech in age of 2021 it’s not the answer. Money it’s not the answer. Killing it’s not the answer. Separation it’s not the answer! Hate is not the answer!

    we are spiritual being we are here to help each other to grow to feel safe to heal. We are here to love to give each other hope.

    We are here to find home in each other’s heart.

    We are here to keep natural balance on earth.

    We are here to protect! We are here to support. We are here to celebrate all life.

    We are here celebrate each other.

    We are here as unit as one race, human race to learn to give and to be there for each to grow as spiritual being.

    Let’s us stand together when society wants to rip us apart. We are much bigger then that.

    We are much bigger then let us be brainwashed. Please I humbly ask you not giving to hate!
    Give your heart to Love and understanding

    Keep your heart open and please don’t sell your soul.

    Your soul is most precious thing you have. You can’t buy it back easily. Remember that!

  • Hverdag

    My healing journey

    This BLOGG post is just for my own healing journey.

    When I ran away from my first husband, it’s was hell before but hell started after that too. My children was used as weapon against me. And one by one I had to give to him just because he didn’t want to pay me for having them all 3 with me.
    He even asked in courtroom, if he could have one kid registered on him, so he could pay less to me and his tax.

    But worst part was actually when he blocked my phone number so I couldn’t reach them. An my reaction was back then, I went totally mad!

    He and his new partner just took away my kids together make them believe I was monster, and when I drop on their door so mad because I couldn’t talk to my children, they just, look look at your mother, she is crazy she so mad.

    And always they called police and lied to police and told police that I didn’t have any right to see my children and I was not allowed to see or talk to my children, so police called me and told me to leave them alone and never don’t go visit them again!

    I got abused from my ex husband and his partner and police who didn’t do their job to check if what he told them was truth or not. I felt raped and abused!

    Im crying now, its sad because my children have forgotten who their mother is.

    So much lies has been told to my kids. And his new partner talks to their school and everywhere talk about how bad mother I was, how little I was there for my children. She is the angel that came along and saved them from their crazy mother!
    She was not even in our life when I was with that man in 12 years!

    Even in last court she got all the blame. His lawyer all she talked about was that all was new partners idea, he didn’t do anything it was his partner.

    But I don’t believe in that it was just her idea. I believe she is just puppet and do what he says she should do.

    So I need to heal this part, it’s sad that my own kids was not allowed of their father to meet me.

    And now they say you where not there. You didn’t want to see us.

    But this is not the truth I tried so much I tried all I could but every time I did, I got call from police, even just after dropping gifts to my children I got call from police!

    And they didn’t even believed me when I said its not true, I have parental responsibility, that man has kidnappet my children! The police just said this is not what the father has told us!

    And its shame that police didn’t even used 5 extra minute to check if its was the reality or not!

    I cry now, and its good, its heals my broken heart…

    is it just bullshit then that you can lie to police so many times and still walk as free man?

    #pod #politiet.no #kripos


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