Are you preparing you kid?

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I can’t say this thing enough to my precious little girl! If “someone says to you, you don’t need to talk with you mommy about everything, don’t tell her about this, this our little secret”

I have so many bad memories about this and how I kept stuff from my mom because of others. This is biggest red flag some adult do to others kids. Teaching them to not trust their parents. But healthy adult who don’t harm would never tell to children you don’t have to talk with your parents.

I feel I can’t talk enough about how important is to seek right people if som strangers want to pick her up, wants to talk to her and be creepy.

If you haven’t started yet to talk with your kids about stuff like this. I really recommend you start , you never know and it’s better they hear it from their parents they trust. Then someone manipulated them and do them harm!

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