Here you go

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we live in insane society where actors gets oscars
for playing roles
faking it best they can
in meanwhile real little humans without even a little toy
gets bombarded and don’t even have safe place to rest their head
but sure as long with keep giving gold medals
for shit that doesn’t make sense
we will continue this circle of suffering
without any change ~

Here is it shiny golden little thing, it’s waiting here just for you to have another big golden shiny thing that doesn’t even represent the real you or what you are as human being!

Here you go, here is your Oscar you have been waiting for to get, how does it taste to have another thing you don’t even have used for at first place! When it’s children starving with not any parents or school or proper meal to eat?
here you go here is your Oscar for acting the most fake human being while others sitting there without even little toy to overcome their trauma they have been in

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