Where can real victims gets help?

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Abuser gaslight you so much with nonsense stories, that you in the end start to question your own memories!
and want you to play their game like your life doesn’t mean anything.

And when you stand up for yourself they call you mentally ill, and playing victim for you reaction to their disrespect.
Abusers don’t care who they destroy on their way. They use their children as weapon and do everything they can do, just so they can be looked like “perfect” parent/person and knows everything. And never do anything wrong!
Their suffer fiscal kindness is just there if is anything they can use you for. If not they dismiss you like you never happened.

They even will destroy your name you mental health, everything about you and destroy your children’s mental health, as long as their real personality don’t get the attention that need!

Worst part is the stories they make is so unbelievable but somehow the real victims won’t be believed by right people! How come?

They paint ugly picture of you, because they can’t stand how others Love you, for you just being you.

Never let your abuser put you in silent position that you end up so stressed that your body starts to give you signs of it’s time to speak up and let out the anxiety and pain!

Where do real victims gets help?
How far does it have to go before you help real victims when they asking for help?

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