Please stop!

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Please stop reminding the world as it is something sick! Please stop with saying so much nasty about the eart! Even society is something strange, call me naive laugh at me call me arrogant call me wired call me whatever you want !

but I have never heard about any “normal “ ones making any difference!
please stop with arguing about who’s imaginary God is right and who’s not this holy planet that gives us all hope. Something worth living! You can laugh and say what you want about me! But if you can’t understand our hearts beat has same as the earth. If you can’t connect with that!

and start cherish For how small we are in this big picture but still we all are all eternity

please let’s US all stop! Please let us accept each other as human we are!
And let us cherish and remember why earth manifested us in first place

I believe we all can make the world better place

If we just start with looking at the man in mirror!

thank you so much Facebook how you resolved my issue. I’m forever humble for your services thank you so much 🙏🧚‍♀️🍀🙌❤️‍🩹🙏

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