I’m Azadeh I’m freedom !

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I know we are all one
I know that we all are flesh and bones
we all bleed in same color
we all are someone’s daughter or son

we all will eventually return back home
we all going to meet each other again

How many life do you need to live to understand
greed is not the answer ?

how many more dharma do you chose to have in your bag pack?

Just remember
we all eventually
end up same place in the end

What about start understand this circle of life
and let nature do it’s job
And stop manipulating
Mother Nature

how can I be silent
When I see
we still think about
11 September
but rest of world are still dying
is kinda not big thing ..

it’s hard to find right words now, to not to say “us” and “them” !

It isn’t right that people of many colors dies every day and that still doesn’t matter!
It’s sad like some living are not worth living and some have permission to be greedy and wants to be remembered as hero

I don’t understand it why kill rest of the world
and still become somehow the victims ..

have we all Stockholm syndrome ?

It doesn’t make sense …

But people of many colors are the ones who
will eventually change this world !
Children of many colors
are the ones we have been waiting for
it the strong ones of many colors !!

True children of color are the ones who are been called to service this world
to take it into better greener place

It’s doesn’t feel right to know
every thing that has been created by earth has energy
Expect virus
it isn’t one living thing !

It’s doesn’t feel right to feel that we are not the same
We have not same worth just because we are blessed with colors !

It’s not right it’s not fair !!

I want change
I want freedom to be
I want us to be free !

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