what is it you want to be remembered as?

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When you don’t love yourself
you hurt others to feel the pain
you want to feel
to make you feel alive

to feel the hate
you keep inside of you

the little child
that wants to cry
wants to be hold
wants to be saved

that little baby that want to know it safe

it and don’t how to adult and just want to be wounded and wounds others

when you love yourself
you give others wings to fly
for you love the love you sharing

when you feel your pain become
the bricks you stand on days after

when you feel your shame and sorrows
becomes forgiveness and healing

when you see the world in whole new way of different colors

when you choose to understand and let go

When your love and intentions just pure
when you create peace within
you rise in whole new level

you want the same for others ~

Every day you can choose
if you want to be healed or just walk around wounded

it’s hard it’s not worth easy I know
Only brave once takes this road

It’s easy to hate
it takes courage to act right
It takes courage to care effortlessly to keep it hears and mind open

It takes hel lot of courage to Stanp Up for what you believing in

It takes courage to Love in society where fear and hate is what we are programmed to believe in!

It takes courage to cut curds and be healed in this time

Only the bravest ones takes this road
and all of it is your choose

Do you want to heal or be wounded?
What’s is you want to be remember as one??

Azadeh ~

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