Get it out of your system

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You know sometimes you have to say thing as it is

And all this nonsense fighting
playing blame
will vanish away
even me got into that trap
putting blames

I can’t do two things at same time
without all the time I worked for free

I wouldn’t be here right now
Here I am !

I have a business

I won’t quit on my dream when I’m just about to rise, just because it is not PHD from university
Coaching business is new in
You need to update your system
Your system may be 1980/70 USA something

Please This is

Nav need real update!!! Why even did Nav happened? Everything just become big mess when nav was born!

but I’m grateful for those who understand and don’t support racism in Norway
I’m happy many many of them are in our life

Standing up make a decision and say what you really want! I’m going to do it more from now on !

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