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Stop treating people like they are just numbers in your system. We all have story!!

You can’t punish me for every time I write about my story! Next thing that will happened that I get tired of your bullshit nav and send my lawyer to you! And that will be ugly for you. 🙃🙂

Nav be like we don’t believe in you because you want to go internationally.

but we care a lot about your international followers don’t get to know your side of story. Wtf? Really nav? Really??

back in 2020
when whole world was shut down
Nav called me and said
if you don’t show up personally
at university
you are paying for your own studies
with your own money
even tho it is shut down by government
we going to stop your pension immediately

If you don’t show up at university
we need to have documentation from your doctor
Why you didn’t show up personally

they are so amusing this Norwegian humans
every year new rule appears for non Norwegian people

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