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I’m in this mentor program, also free mentor program where I volunteering coaching. And most of them is Indigenous Native Americans. And what’s breaking my heart is they ask me about they culture. They don’t have any connection with their culture anymore. They don’t know anything about. Sadly I can’t help them with that.

I do what I can do best, it’s mentoring them through trauma and have right mindset to overcome difficulties.

I want to learn more myself about the culture. But it’s really breaking my heart that my precious indigenous people are so disconnected with their own past. Big shame on you America that you killed such a rich culture. All the wisdom that could help us a lot in this time is gone.

it’s many country out there doing thing wrong. But this three country USA and Israel, and England is major reasons to collapse of origin culture background.

So dear America. No you are not all immigrants, indigenous peoples are not that. And African American was stolen. So please read you history and let that sink in.

if you think God let stuff like this go unnoticed, I can ensure you that you are very wrong! God has listen to prayer and screams of its precious children. Don’t you think for a moment God let stuff like this pass it’s by.

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