• Hverdag

    ~ Happiness & Joy ~

    you never loose your true soulmate
    you only lose the ones who blocking ~

    I believe who ever is meant for you
    will be yours
    when you make it happened
    and time is right

    life is about beauty and romance
    art and music

    life is about happiness and joy
    love and laughter

    life is about
    grief and grow
    learning and understanding

    life is not meant to be
    lived in cage
    and do not following your heart
    and you passion

    If you don’t stand in something to believe in
    Someone else will definitely drag you around.
    I refuse to be someone else then myself.

    Have a lovely summer dear ones.
    and be kind. It still pandemics, we all are traumatized 🙏🥰🧚🏼‍♀️🧿🔱🍀❤️‍🩹

  • Hverdag

    The Light

    It’s true

    dark represents the darkness

    I want to be remembered
    as one of those

    The Light !

    Where there is light, there is always hope!

    I believe in hope
    I believe in new tomorrow
    I believe in kindness

    I really believe in humanity

    We can’t lose hope on humanity, it’s only means we lose hope in ourself !
    I’m not losing any hope in me. As long I believe in humanity
    There will I find The Light!

    As long I’m walking, I’m part of humans. And humanity is only right choice that is!

    I believe in balance
    I believe in change

    And believe not everything we need to understand
    and most of the times
    best thing to do
    is forgive
    let go
    and move on

    Easy thing to say
    but we all strive for things to let go of

    I always forever will choose kindness
    I always forever will choose
    The Light!

  • Hverdag


    Not nice taking away my followers, what happened with that time when you gained me so many?? I don’t like this new relationship of ours. Remember I’m 100% single mom. I don’t have time or energy and I’m not young anymore to be all over places no more.

    Why can’t I connect to fb to boost my posts anymore? But I’m connected to share my post? But not connected to boost? Wtf?

    I’m considering to delete my profile, I don’t find any motivation to be active when all you do is deleting my followers. Not nice at all 👍

  • Hverdag

    The power of storyteller

    You know when our ancestors, choose to calm us down, they sending us signs, they sending us peace.

    let us trust the signs. Let us just be in peace now 🙏💓 let us just remember we are all one, we are all sisters and brothers.

    please let us stop this madness. Let us remember we are in this together 🙏🧚🏼‍♀️🍀🏳️⚪️🔱💚

    but someone need to stand up and tell us who is responsible for this kids! This is nothing but sad! This is heartbreaking 💔😞

  • Hverdag

    Level up 👆

    you know what kills relationship before it sometimes starts ?
    that imagination we have about how the other person is

    and actually non of it is anyone business
    what we all imagine about someone else.

    I can’t put a responsibility on someone
    for imagine how their are

    and it’s really not my responsibility to live up to
    what you imagined how I would be

    It’s beauty with to meets so many delightful spirits
    I really love and enjoy my journey
    even though I still somehow find comfort in be in poets sadness
    but I feel much more stronger and stronger
    even though this last month have been intense healing time for me

    It feels like I have healed more this last moments then I did all this last 6 years together

    No wonder I’m totally exhausted
    Can you feel it too? This rapid healing that going on?

    When you are traumatized, it’s not just your brain that get traumatized. You emotions, your whole energy being, from your body to everything that has to do with you. It will be print in your DNA too

    but anyway
    I’m working on my traumatized body
    this is heavy
    to need to remind my body even more then ever before
    You are safe
    you can guard down
    Just relax
    just be

    Let go

    Yoga is really wonderful I definitely need more of that in my life

    But now it’s summer time here in Norway
    I’m looking for to take back some old hobbies

    I really looking forward to make happiness be my new comfort zone
    and go with the flow and thrive in life be my only motto

    I’m grateful for my family, you are really the best
    my soul family and all my sisters and brothers

    I feel so blessed to have so many that want the best for me 🙏

    You know when some of your sweetheart little brothers want to set up blind date for you, then you understand times has come to shut up even more. 😅🤪😂

    Have a lovely summer time. Let frequency of Love be your only language
    and what ever that is not Love
    let it just be noise
    and go back to your own

    Stay awake my fellow dear humans
    we are all in this together ~<3

    I love you all 🙏🧚🏼‍♀️💚🍀

  • Hverdag

    Does it exist?

    Any machine that can draw the vision one get? Sometimes I get bombarded with this amazing such well detailed visualization images. I can’t even remember it to draw it myself. So many so much details. I just wonder how cool would it be. To let some computer see what you see. And draw what I see in real time very fast, and just let it amaze me.
    maybe laziness of me not drawing it myself. But if I can get computer do the job for me, then I will have more energy left to visualize more and more. 😁👌✌️🙏😁

  • Hverdag


    I’m in this mentor program, also free mentor program where I volunteering coaching. And most of them is Indigenous Native Americans. And what’s breaking my heart is they ask me about they culture. They don’t have any connection with their culture anymore. They don’t know anything about. Sadly I can’t help them with that.

    I do what I can do best, it’s mentoring them through trauma and have right mindset to overcome difficulties.

    I want to learn more myself about the culture. But it’s really breaking my heart that my precious indigenous people are so disconnected with their own past. Big shame on you America that you killed such a rich culture. All the wisdom that could help us a lot in this time is gone.

    it’s many country out there doing thing wrong. But this three country USA and Israel, and England is major reasons to collapse of origin culture background.

    So dear America. No you are not all immigrants, indigenous peoples are not that. And African American was stolen. So please read you history and let that sink in.

    if you think God let stuff like this go unnoticed, I can ensure you that you are very wrong! God has listen to prayer and screams of its precious children. Don’t you think for a moment God let stuff like this pass it’s by.

  • Hverdag

    Friendly reminder

    It’s heavy energy, blocking so much energy. If you are in shitty mood. I really recommend salt bath and lavender oil in your bath tub. It cleanses your energy field fastest way. Do it and fuck everything else.

    I believe in you and together we can make world better place to live in 🙏🧿🔱♥️🌞🧚🏼‍♀️🙌

  • Hverdag

    I feel I killed my own party after dot thing, also on Instagram. I really don’t know longer how to use my own profile.
    Why just choose one thing when I’m so much more? I feel somehow lost and confused.
    I don’t even have a place where I can share healing. I want to share healing when ever I feel like it. It feels like I lost my playground. Now I have no place to play and share my thoughts.
    my dot og niche is trauma recovery. And talking about everything else make no sense in same category. But trauma recovery is heavy thing. I want to share love, care, kindness as I please without feeling I’m doing my thing wrong.
    I crashed my party and I don’t know what to do for now.

  • Hverdag

    Jeg vant jeg vant

    Kult, ønsket meg yoga blokker også vant jeg gitt. Fra https://studiosati.com

    Kult ikke sant? Nå er det bare sette i gang og gjøre yoga øvelser som trengs blokker til. så kul farge da. Har egentlig 1 blokk fra før av som jeg kjøpe i en sånn yoga pakke tidligere. Men med 1 blokk klarte jeg ikke de øvelsene jeg har sett. Så nå er det «bare» å begynne å gjøre yoga øvelser som trengs blokker. Weee tusen hjertelig takk. Dette var morsomt å vinne. 🥰🙏😻

  • Hverdag

    True remedy

    Epsom salt and lavender oil. It’s the only thing I buy a lot of. The only thing I know of that helps to restore, balance and get ride of shitty energy fastest way.

    If you are like me sensitive when it’s comes to energy, I really recommend you to use salt to balance your own energy field. When you have strong energy field then nobody mf assholes energy will enter your energy field. You feel stronger and much more confident. It’s like nothing can enter you. Powerful feeling.

    I even wash my wounds with salt, or not washing. But have salt on my wounds. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes, and wash it of with water. It heals much faster and better. Yes it hurts. But giving birth it’s much worse.

    And yes have some crystals in your bathtub too. I have clear crystal, rose quarts and Amethyst always in my bathtub.

    Now time to get ride of shitty energy and feel my soul happy again. 🧚🏼‍♀️🙏

  • Hverdag

    Dyp respekt

    Jeg kjenner dyp respekt for meg selv vokser for hver heavy shit bare for å si det som det er, jeg har gitt slipp på. Jeg kjenner dyp respekt at det er hardt jobb. Det er virkelig hard kamp noen ganger å komme til denne verden igjen.

    Denne runden var det helt nytt, det føles som gjenfødsel. Akkurat som ikke bare plantet opp fra jorden, men ble en gigantisk person.

    Jeg elsker å føle, jeg elsker å tilgi, jeg elsker å elske, jeg elsker å heale, Det er dette som får min sjel til å synge. Det er det som gjør hjerte mitt finne sin grunn for å banke. Jeg elsker det å kunne gjøre godt, gi mitt smil, dele kidness, være der når noen trenger hjelp. Uten å telle. Men være der. Det er godt med mennesker som kan være der i stillhet sammen med deg. Jeg elsker det å være stille sammen med noen. Jeg elsker å le. Jeg elsker lange prat. Jeg elsker det å elske. Jeg elsker når jeg blir elsket igjen.

    Men helt ærlig uten healing, vet jeg egentlig ikke helt hva skulle vært min grunn for å leve her på Jorden?
    Altså misforstå meg rett nå. Jeg har barna mine til låns. Jeg lever for mine barn, men jeg har også voksne og tenårings barn som jeg ikke ser engang stort.
    Dem vokser og får eget liv. Så sitter en der og blir nødt til å klippe navlestrengen. Bare det kan være traumatisk opplevelse hvis det skjer brått.

    Men ja det jeg ville fram til, healing det er min grunn for å leve. Så klart som sagt, Kjærlighet, jeg elsker det å elske, jeg elsker det å bli elsket igjen. Kjærlighet er så mye mer enn med menneskelig kontakt. Har en kjærlighet nok til seg selv, så har en helt annen type syn på kjærlighet. Kjærlighet er så mangt. Men mest av alt. Du er Kjærlighet. Vi alle er Kjærlighet. Selvom vi glemmer det stadig vekk.

    men for nå trenger jeg å elske og tilgi og gi slipp på tyngste byrden jeg har bært på siste årene.
    Jeg har ikke tro på falsk positivitet. Men jeg vet at det kommer noe alltid godt ut av forandringer. Jeg gleder meg å være fri fra den smerten. Jeg har bært nå alt for lenge nok på den. Jeg er ferdig, jeg ser fram til å være smertefri.

    Jeg trenger å gi slipp og komme meg videre.

    Takk for all lærdom, jeg gir slipp på smerten, setter meg selv fri.

    Elsk deg selv mer enn noen gang tidligere akkurat nå, det er sterke energier i sving. Mye healing som skjer, mye følelser som kommer opp

    Lytt etter, ro det ned, bare føl det at du virkelig ønsker det å være smertefri.
    Husk du er ikke alene, det er en god grunn til du skal være her nå. Bare følg etter hjerte ditt, se etter tegn. Tegnene finner du overalt. Så er det opp til deg å finne mot å gå etter. Om din traume holder deg igjen. Akkurat som lenke? Eller føler du som meg nå at du driver og graver deg ut fra en plante. Du selv har vokst mange meter?

    Vi er alle forskjellige plass i livs reisen vår. Det er ingen konkurranse om hvor en er i sin reise. Jeg kjenner meg humble for mennesker som åpner seg opp og forteller sine historier til meg. Jeg er evig takknemlig for alle de hjerte gode menneskene jeg har møtt.

    de menneskene som er ment for deg, dem leker ikke med hjerte ditt. Dem vil være helt ærlig. Når du føler deg fri til å kunne puste fritt. Det er da du vet at du er Fri.

    Vi sees sånn plutselig 🥇🙌🔱🧿🧚🏼‍♀️🙌♥️

    thank you thank you humble thank you

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