• Hverdag

    Thank you Instagram and Facebook

    Thank you Instagram for fixing boost issue and thank you Fb for speeding up my site again 🙏🥰

    We have almost married couple connection we love and hate like we have been married all this years. But I love it most when we love each other and make things happen. Thank you for mostly be love relationship we had. I love you guys. 🙏🥰🍀🧚‍♀️🙏 humble thank you for our weird relationship. 🙏😅😆🏳️✌️

  • Hverdag


    I’m so excited, I got my book from Dean for free!! He is so amazing. The whole team are amazing. Thank you I really appreciate everything you do. I feel like whole new woman after you guys came into my life. I going to read this book and I want to become the woman I’m meant to be.
    I promised myself 11 years ago no mf man going to tell me again you wouldn’t have anything if it’s wasn’t for me. I have shown myself I can do so much already. I’m going to show myself I can even do much more. Thank you Dean and the team. I love you guys. Humble thank you 🙏🍀🧚‍♀️

  • Hverdag


    When someone comes to you
    and says
    you have to empowerment me

    and you need to sit down and tell them
    what empowerment is
    and no one have ability to empowerment another
    Empowerment is inside of you
    You need to connect within. Empowerment is power you create inside of you, power to chose power to be! So I can’t empower you, I can just give you tools so you can find the key inside of you.

  • Hverdag


    Seriously? Try to live in Norwegian woods and shitty internet connection. It have taken me over 1 minute just to upload picture on social media. So tell me why you slowed down my profiles this dramatically for this time??
    what the fuck is wrong with you guys??

    #telia #broadnet why the hell do I pay you over 2500 kr every month to have this shitty internet???

  • Hverdag

    I believe in Love, do you?

    Those who don’t like you
    they look so hard
    to find something
    to hate

    but actually my secret is
    I really don’t give a fuck what others may think

    and mostly everyone think more about themselves then others
    it’s not my business
    what others may think of me

    I don’t go around and call people nick names I give them sometimes

    We can’t never ever like everyone
    but still have love and understanding for everyone

    actually you can still be very in love with someone and dislike them deeply too in same time

    but if it’s more dislike then likes
    then you need to take some serious talk with your self
    and what you want!

    May we all have courage to walk in peace together ~

    artis 👩‍🎨 Adelina Azari Haugen

  • Hverdag

    Overdue? Or trend?

    I’m not using their pictures to laugh

    But girls
    do you really know how much you damage your skin by putting all this layers of makeup on it?
    Your skin need to breathe
    your skin need healthy environment

    It’s your skin your choice
    but I hope you know you will not forever stay young
    and your skin will act differently and age too fast
    when it doesn’t get what it needs.

    Just that you know
    Not even walls need that much painting to change color
    You putting more makeup on your face
    then many use for paint their walls

  • Hverdag

    Fb stop being bitch!!

    That feeling when Facebook acts so unprofessional! What the hell are you doing? Have you forgotten taking your medicine? Slowing down my page over 10% more just in one day it’s ridiculous! I wanted us to go back to have nice relationship again. But you keep mixing your cards and acting like nazi. What I post everywhere else has nothing to do with my main page. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Where is your ethics? You love all the money I spent there. But you don’t want me to do my thing? Wow just wow

  • Hverdag


    I can’t boost anymore on my main page on Instagram @azadeh_a_azari after I made this post! Why ?? I just wonder why??

  • Hverdag


    What the fuck has my poem and blog has to do with my main page on fb and main page on Instagram? They are not even linked!!!
    why slow down those when ever I write something big guys don’t like? Why have you mess with my booster opportunities???
    this is absurd and look a like nazi generation then now. What about leave me fuck alone? When you do stuff like this my inner demon comes back and all I want to do is write more you don’t allow us to do. Stop with this bullshit and let my site show and grow as is meant to be!!! Free speech is what I want in life. Freedom to be!!

  • Hverdag


    Stop immediately slowing down my page when I post stuff others places then in my page!! Don’t mix what I do in private with my page!
    So unprofessional of you FB!!

  • Hverdag

    Just a reminder

    Do you remember when make people where nazi flag on them was a good idea ??

    Now you have your mask they think it’s good idea
    and splits people who thinks something else ..

    Just simple reminder virus is so small, smallest hole in the mask is like Fotball field for virus. #justsaying

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