• Hverdag

    Just a reminder

    Do you remember when make people where nazi flag on them was a good idea ??

    Now you have your mask they think it’s good idea
    and splits people who thinks something else ..

    Just simple reminder virus is so small, smallest hole in the mask is like Fotball field for virus. #justsaying

  • Hverdag

    I’m Azadeh I’m freedom !

    I know we are all one
    I know that we all are flesh and bones
    we all bleed in same color
    we all are someone’s daughter or son

    we all will eventually return back home
    we all going to meet each other again

    How many life do you need to live to understand
    greed is not the answer ?

    how many more dharma do you chose to have in your bag pack?

    Just remember
    we all eventually
    end up same place in the end

    What about start understand this circle of life
    and let nature do it’s job
    And stop manipulating
    Mother Nature

    how can I be silent
    When I see
    we still think about
    11 September
    but rest of world are still dying
    is kinda not big thing ..

    it’s hard to find right words now, to not to say “us” and “them” !

    It isn’t right that people of many colors dies every day and that still doesn’t matter!
    It’s sad like some living are not worth living and some have permission to be greedy and wants to be remembered as hero

    I don’t understand it why kill rest of the world
    and still become somehow the victims ..

    have we all Stockholm syndrome ?

    It doesn’t make sense …

    But people of many colors are the ones who
    will eventually change this world !
    Children of many colors
    are the ones we have been waiting for
    it the strong ones of many colors !!

    True children of color are the ones who are been called to service this world
    to take it into better greener place

    It’s doesn’t feel right to know
    every thing that has been created by earth has energy
    Expect virus
    it isn’t one living thing !

    It’s doesn’t feel right to feel that we are not the same
    We have not same worth just because we are blessed with colors !

    It’s not right it’s not fair !!

    I want change
    I want freedom to be
    I want us to be free !

  • Hverdag

    Dear Facebook & Instagram

    Can we go back to our “love relationship” when we loved each other so much? It’s been half year now and my pages get slower and slower. Instagram I can’t still boost my post anymore. It’s frustrating. And FB why when I boost my post now I don’t get same activity as before? Be kind kindness matter 🏳️🙏🧚🏼‍♀️🍀

  • Hverdag

    Please stop with it

    Thank you for visiting us

    but I really dislike it when visitors drives and parks their car at my front door. I do it all the time. But it’s my place I can do wtf I want. It doesn’t mean I like it when visitors do it. Expect my mom and dad they can park where they want. Thank you for respecting my will.

  • Hverdag

    It’s not me!

    And please report it when you find it. I’m not in any dating apps. And my Snapchat, what’s up or hangout are just for my family or those who have special place in our life. I don’t share it with anyone else. So it’s not me and please report it and delete or block the contact. If I personally didn’t share my contact information then be 100% sure that it’s not me! Have a blessed day.

  • Hverdag

    what is it you want to be remembered as?

    When you don’t love yourself
    you hurt others to feel the pain
    you want to feel
    to make you feel alive

    to feel the hate
    you keep inside of you

    the little child
    that wants to cry
    wants to be hold
    wants to be saved

    that little baby that want to know it safe

    it and don’t how to adult and just want to be wounded and wounds others

    when you love yourself
    you give others wings to fly
    for you love the love you sharing

    when you feel your pain become
    the bricks you stand on days after

    when you feel your shame and sorrows
    becomes forgiveness and healing

    when you see the world in whole new way of different colors

    when you choose to understand and let go

    When your love and intentions just pure
    when you create peace within
    you rise in whole new level

    you want the same for others ~

    Every day you can choose
    if you want to be healed or just walk around wounded

    it’s hard it’s not worth easy I know
    Only brave once takes this road

    It’s easy to hate
    it takes courage to act right
    It takes courage to care effortlessly to keep it hears and mind open

    It takes hel lot of courage to Stanp Up for what you believing in

    It takes courage to Love in society where fear and hate is what we are programmed to believe in!

    It takes courage to cut curds and be healed in this time

    Only the bravest ones takes this road
    and all of it is your choose

    Do you want to heal or be wounded?
    What’s is you want to be remember as one??

    Azadeh ~

  • Hverdag

    Poor fathers they get always forgotten somehow easily then mothers

    but mothers is the one
    really dearly unconditionally
    Loves us
    and gives us always so many chances
    And just want the best for us

    we all have been so busy with to give
    Our greetings to the feminine side of earth
    And giving all this thanks to
    Mother Earth

    That we have totally forgotten
    the masculine side of the earth
    needs love too

    masculine side of the earth
    his sperm that gives life to all life here on earth
    with all the wisdoms that brings to us

    Thank you
    Father Earth
    thank you
    humble thank you

    Thank you mother and father Earth
    Humble thank you 🙏🕊🔱

  • Hverdag

    For non vegan

    If you like me believe in balance or just another personal reasons you are not vegan. I really recommend you to try Reindeer meat.
    It’s taste heavenly and you are supporting indigenous Norwegian people to survive and continue with their traditional lifestyle.
    it’s taste just yummy. Without any taste of stress in the animal. I love it 🙏🔥🕊🔱

  • Hverdag

    thank you for all the love
    thank you for all the triggers
    thank you for all the healing
    thank you for all support
    thank you for being you
    thank you for the trust

    none of us is easy to deal with
    No one is better then the others

    let us just keep forgiveness in our heart
    let us just forget about yesterday and all the demands
    let us just together be grateful for
    be alive here together
    let us just have same mission
    together respect each other’s cultures
    Even sometimes we don’t understand much
    but as long we don’t put hate
    we have same goal in life
    Make this earth green again
    with love and kindness

    may you have healed bless week

    may we all have courage to keep our heart open ♥️

  • Hverdag

    Get it out of your system

    You know sometimes you have to say thing as it is

    And all this nonsense fighting
    playing blame
    will vanish away
    even me got into that trap
    putting blames

    I can’t do two things at same time
    without all the time I worked for free

    I wouldn’t be here right now
    Here I am !

    I have a business

    I won’t quit on my dream when I’m just about to rise, just because it is not PHD from university
    Coaching business is new in
    You need to update your system
    Your system may be 1980/70 USA something

    Please This is

    Nav need real update!!! Why even did Nav happened? Everything just become big mess when nav was born!

    but I’m grateful for those who understand and don’t support racism in Norway
    I’m happy many many of them are in our life

    Standing up make a decision and say what you really want! I’m going to do it more from now on !

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