• Hverdag

    from me to me

    my beautiful young feminine
    come in my strong healed arms
    I will love you
    I will heal you
    I will protect
    I will be here for you now
    you are safe now
    you are free
    you are me
    I’m you
    You here now
    you are deeply protected
    you are so much loved
    You got this
    just stay here
    and feel the

    let it heal you

    Just be here healed

    Here with me

    I Love You my young beautiful feminine


  • Hverdag

    how could you

    how could you be so cruel
    telling me always I’m no good
    not even once did I hear
    you tell me anything good about me

    how could you be so nasty
    hit me with your hands
    hit me with your ugly words
    hit me with flowers you bought me

    piss on your little girl bed
    piss every where you could
    every weekend
    your body so full of alcohol

    you gave me nothing but
    sleepless nights
    and tears in morning
    you didn’t even look at me
    you never ever asked me
    how I did

    how could you
    never let me go anywhere alone
    without calling me every five minutes
    to check what I did

    how could you
    fuck around with others
    but never be there to support
    you own kids

    how could you
    make me so scared
    by telling me over and over again
    you own children you wanted to kill

    how could you sit there
    tell me so many ugly words
    and only say every time
    I was imagining it wasn’t you

    how could you do me so wrong
    and every time
    make me believe its
    was because of me
    you did me so dirty

    how could you torture me
    in so many years
    and now when I’m finally free
    you make them believe
    horror story about me

    you’re not a man
    Im strong believer of
    God will never ever show you any mercy

    I’m burning every single bridge
    I don’t want mini versions of you
    in my future story ~

  • Hverdag

    Best friends with Instagram and Facebook

    If you want to become best friends with Instagram and Facebook use all your money on boosting all your post.

    And never ever post anything about anything that have to be be freedom of speech or anything they don’t like or have been payed for to keep away from their site.

    this is what I have learned this years on social media.

  • Hverdag

    Not nice Fb not nice at all

    Stop traffic to my main page on Fb when I share my BLOGG there
    put that much pressure on me to delete my posts
    to not share my blog on my main page on Fb
    Not nice
    Not nice at all

    if hate is what you want us to do then I will post so much about how much LOVE we can share by accepting each other’s differences

    just remember our ancestors watching us
    so does God ~

    but it’s okay I going to make new page. And share my BLOGG post there HA !

  • Hverdag

    We need to stand together

    Main reason It’s more embarrassing to be human this life is
    because so much nasty that has been going on under the surface
    coming up in front of our faces

    It’s up to us all to stand together and stand up as human race and not let hate take over our spirit!

    I know i have challenges with remind myself to stand with Love . But please my brothers and sisters let not hate win. Don’t let this madness split us apart. We need to stand together and remember what is more important.

    Hate is really not the answer. And sensor freedom of speech in age of 2021 it’s not the answer. Money it’s not the answer. Killing it’s not the answer. Separation it’s not the answer! Hate is not the answer!

    we are spiritual being we are here to help each other to grow to feel safe to heal. We are here to love to give each other hope.

    We are here to find home in each other’s heart.

    We are here to keep natural balance on earth.

    We are here to protect! We are here to support. We are here to celebrate all life.

    We are here celebrate each other.

    We are here as unit as one race, human race to learn to give and to be there for each to grow as spiritual being.

    Let’s us stand together when society wants to rip us apart. We are much bigger then that.

    We are much bigger then let us be brainwashed. Please I humbly ask you not giving to hate!
    Give your heart to Love and understanding

    Keep your heart open and please don’t sell your soul.

    Your soul is most precious thing you have. You can’t buy it back easily. Remember that!

  • Hverdag

    My healing journey

    This BLOGG post is just for my own healing journey.

    When I ran away from my first husband, it’s was hell before but hell started after that too. My children was used as weapon against me. And one by one I had to give to him just because he didn’t want to pay me for having them all 3 with me.
    He even asked in courtroom, if he could have one kid registered on him, so he could pay less to me and his tax.

    But worst part was actually when he blocked my phone number so I couldn’t reach them. An my reaction was back then, I went totally mad!

    He and his new partner just took away my kids together make them believe I was monster, and when I drop on their door so mad because I couldn’t talk to my children, they just, look look at your mother, she is crazy she so mad.

    And always they called police and lied to police and told police that I didn’t have any right to see my children and I was not allowed to see or talk to my children, so police called me and told me to leave them alone and never don’t go visit them again!

    I got abused from my ex husband and his partner and police who didn’t do their job to check if what he told them was truth or not. I felt raped and abused!

    Im crying now, its sad because my children have forgotten who their mother is.

    So much lies has been told to my kids. And his new partner talks to their school and everywhere talk about how bad mother I was, how little I was there for my children. She is the angel that came along and saved them from their crazy mother!
    She was not even in our life when I was with that man in 12 years!

    Even in last court she got all the blame. His lawyer all she talked about was that all was new partners idea, he didn’t do anything it was his partner.

    But I don’t believe in that it was just her idea. I believe she is just puppet and do what he says she should do.

    So I need to heal this part, it’s sad that my own kids was not allowed of their father to meet me.

    And now they say you where not there. You didn’t want to see us.

    But this is not the truth I tried so much I tried all I could but every time I did, I got call from police, even just after dropping gifts to my children I got call from police!

    And they didn’t even believed me when I said its not true, I have parental responsibility, that man has kidnappet my children! The police just said this is not what the father has told us!

    And its shame that police didn’t even used 5 extra minute to check if its was the reality or not!

    I cry now, and its good, its heals my broken heart…

    is it just bullshit then that you can lie to police so many times and still walk as free man?

    #pod #politiet.no #kripos


  • Hverdag

    Best investment

    Best thing I have ever done was to start dehydration our thing at home. Last machine we had got heart attack or something it just stopped after a year. But this one has last little bit more. And have some more space too.

    I really enjoy to dehydrate our veggies, fruits or mushrooms, it’s get really tasty too.

    fun family activity if kids want to join. Not always they do. But fun when it happens.

  • Hverdag

    Rart med det

    Rart med det egentlig. Hvor mye mer vi skal bli, hvor mye mer vi skal gjøre.
    Vi setter høyere krav om neste ting vi skal oppnå, neste ting vi skal få til å gjøre. Neste store hårete mål, den skal helst være enda mer hårete enn forrige mål.
    Rart med det egentlig at mennesker skal hele tiden overgå seg selv.
    Nesten aldri være helt fornøyd med det en ER. Uansett hva enn det måtte vær.
    Hva om vi bare senket skulderen og lot kravene prelle av. Lurer på hva som hadde skjedd da. Om vi alle ble lykkeligere da …

  • Hverdag

    Don’t do same mistakes as me

    Instagram growth is big business out there. But please be careful with who you committing with to help you grow. Many of them is actually just bots and not real people.

    Even those who comment on your post. And many of them when you find out what is going on, they take back followers with them when you decide to move on and stop working with them.
    You will never get any sell with bots so be really careful and don’t go after low prices.

    Go after this ,who have real influencers who can help you grow by reaching out to real people. So you reach out to someone who needs your help. Who wants to buy your services.

  • Livsveiledning

    Knowledge industry is growing!!

    are you in beginning or middle of being self employed?

    I really recommend you to join us on Project next family, its big community and we all are in same mission!
    Its together win in life. Its good vibe, people are kind and helpful, and Dean and Tony and all the others are just incredible, I really love to be part of this big happy family! 

    Check it out please!!


    i really love project next family
    im learning
    im growing
    im making contacts
    im making process
    i really recommend you guys to join us
    we are big family supporting each other and want just all of us to win


  • Hverdag

    When you love an old soul ♥️

    There is a special type of person in this world who is often misunderstood.

    These people tend to be lonely, the free spirits, the innocent lovers. They see the world for everything they can – and should be – even though the world seldom sees them.

    They are the old souls, the dreamers, the people in harmony with life, so intuitive of emotions that they scare us.
    They scare us not because of who they are, but because of who we are not, what we lack.

    Old souls reach the depths we cannot understand. They have a connection with God, with the Universe, with nature, and that’s why they are the people who want to change the world.

    We often feel inferior, as if we must strive to stay far close to their level, to be worthy of their love.

    It takes a confident person to love an old soul. But it’s worth it. It will change your life.
    They are romantic, they are loyal, they help us grow, they are not materialistic, they understand the deep connections in life, they are grateful, they are examples of bravery.

    They walk the most painful roads in this life, and yet they somehow find the courage to smile, often selfless. Support others.

    To love an old soul and to be loved by one is a gift from the Universe!

    • Luiza Fletcher

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